Canine Boot Camp (Board and Train)

Leave your doggie with us and we train her/him, then we train you–for free, with a lifetime guarantee. This program is for owners whose busy schedules do not permit them to initially be actively involved in their dog’s training.
During their stay we address key basic obedience and behavioral issues in a real life “home” environment.
Boot camp is designed to address the specific issues that YOU are having with your dog or puppy. It starts with Heidi conducting a behavioral assessment. Then together we come up with a specific treatment plan to address your individual canine’s issues.

Common issues that we address in camp:

  • Manners
  • Potty Training (house soiling)
  • Mild Aggression
  • Barking problems
  • Greeting problems (e.g., jumping up, biting, barking, etc)
  • Behaving around other dogs, cats, and children
  • Counter surfing and stealing
  • Recall (e.g., coming when called)
  • Leash manners and polite behaviors including dog-friendly places, parks, walking on the plaza, etc…

Boot Camp

is 2 weeks or longer, depending on what we will be working on with your dog, and includes the following:
  • Private indoor sleeping area.
  • Daily training sessions on the hour.
  • Daily supervised play time and socialization both indoors and outdoors.
  • A maximum of 2 dogs are accepted at any one time in order to ensure that each dog gets more than adequate training time each day.
  • Free private follow up sessions after the completion of “Canine Boot Camp.” As long as it takes so you as owners feel comfortable with the commands we have taught your canine.

“Before we enrolled in Canine Boot Camp my rescue lab Peaberry recognized very few commands, and his attention span was very short. When he returned he was a well behaved, canine good citizen without undesirable behaviors. Heidi continues to train me following the Canine Boot Camp which I needed really badly in that I was really the one who needed the training.”
Linda Saurage, Santa Fe Resident