About Me

Heidi Kingsbury, MSW, is a Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer

Heidi Kingsbury, MSW, is a licensed, professional animal trainer with 20 years of experience working with canines and their owners. Her degrees in animal training and psychotherapy distinguish her from other trainers – most of whom do not hold advanced degrees or have extensive knowledge about human behavior. With this broad experience and expertise, Heidi is uniquely capable of training her canine clients and coaching her human clients in enhancing their relationships and communication skills with their animals. Her passion for animal training began while she was in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. While studying psychotherapy, Heidi began to see the importance of utilizing canines in therapy to help her patients open up and feel at ease when working through difficult issues. Heidi is a certified Mentor Trainer for the most prestigious and reputable dog-training program in the United States: Animal Behavior College (ABC). She has personally trained dozens of students both through ABC and independently through her own company, Heidi’s Canine Services, LLC. Heidi has also trained several accomplished trainers that own their own businesses in Northern New Mexico and elsewhere.

Heidi’s Credentials Include:

  • Licensed and certified American Kennel Club Evaluator for both Canine Good Citizen and AKC Puppy STAR programs.
  • Active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).
  • Formally employed at Three Veteran Administration Hospitals, helping clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other related issues sometimes using trained service dogs.
Heidi also serves as an “expert “ behaviorist on legal matters involving inter-dog aggression, nuisance barking, breed selection, and other animal related litigation cases. An accomplished writer, she is currently working on a book about utilizing trained service dogs in her practice as both a psychotherapist and dog trainer. In addition to her work as a trainer and therapist, Heidi is a respected animal wrangler for major motion pictures, shorts, commercials, and advertising campaigns. Though it is rare for dog trainers to work in the film industry, she has established herself as a reliable and successful wrangler in New Mexico and elsewhere. Committed to community involvement, she gives freely of her time. Through the American Association of University Women, Heidi volunteers in the Santa Fe Public School system, empowering elementary school children to pursue careers in animal behaviorism. She also volunteers in nursing homes, residential treatment centers, and summer camps, and has taught animal awareness on the pueblos as well as in the Indian School. Her most recent volunteer work is with adults with developmental disabilities through the Easter Seals program at Santa Fe El Mirador.

Heidi Has Studied With: