In Loving Memory
Heidi Kingsbury
Age 57, of Santa Fe, on July 3rd. Born in Newton, graduated with her BS in Sociology in Northeastern, and MSW from University Wisconsin Madison. She worked as a clinical Social Worker in Chicago, then moved to Santa Fe to start Heidi's Canine Services. She was often interviewed and featured in local newspapers and podcasts ; and was an animal wrangler on movie sets. Heidi spent her life being os services cooking for sober houses, homeless shelters, and volunteering for Vets and animal rescues. She played guitar and sang at open mic nights ; and had a playful essense, an indomitable spirit, a gift for humor, and always made friends wherever she went! Beloved daughter of Iris Kingsbury ; Ron & Andrea Kingsbury of CA.

PHILOSOPHY – Santa Fe Dog Trainer

We believe that dogs (and their human companions) should be trained the same way we would want to be trained. We wouldn’t appreciate or benefit from training methods that are based on force, intimidation, humiliation, or deprivation; let alone choke chains, or shock collars.
Rather, we are motivated by gentle, but direct guidance, clear rules and expectations, and positive outcomes. We don’t like working for free, and we bet you don’t either! Dogs are no different. If we learn to praise and reward the behaviors we like and ignore, interrupt and redirect the behaviors we don’t like, all dogs – including yours – can learn to offer only the behaviors that earn them positive outcomes.
We provide a variety of services to assist you in fostering a happy and healthy relationship with your canine companion. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
~Heidi Kingsbury, MSW
Certified Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer
Serving Santa Fe and Their Canines since 1999
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Heidi cooking healthfully with and for canines

Adorable Shar Pei on the beach Per Annie Paddington..

Animal Actor available for hire

Working on the Movie Paul with actor Simon Pegg

Working with animal actor Peter on Film Hagstone at the amazing Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Working with animal actor Gabe on film Kepler’s Dream

Heidi's Wranggling on a Local Commercial!

Puppy Kindergarten


  • Jill Zeigler
    I have known Heidi Kingsbury for many years, first as a customer at the pet supply store that I owned, and then as an animal handler ( referred to as a "wrangler" ) for the movie Kepler's Dream. That movie, directed by Amy Glazer, has won several awards for excellence.  Ms. Kingsbury arranged participation of my Grand Champion miniature long-haired dachshund Gabe.  She treated this valuable and cherished dog with total respect , making sure that he was as pampered on the set as he was in my home.  Heidi is deadly serious about good treatment for animals in films, and does not hesitate to confront on the set if she feels that the animals are being teated with anything less than total respect and kindness.  I recommend Heidi Kingsbury whole-heartedly in any role of animal handling that requires compassionate, conscientious care.
    Jill Zeigler
  • Matt Vest
    I worked with Ms. Heidi Kingsbury on a film I directed in Santa Fe. She is an amazing dog wrangler. She was always punctual, and professional. Watching her work with the animal actor on the set was awe-inspiring. She could get a dog to drive a car if the script required it! She practically did… She was a joy to have on our set.
    Matt Vest
    Film Writer, Director, Producer
  • Ronni and Richard Fallows
    Heidi has been training us to train our Poodles since 1999. I always used to think that you hired a trainer in order to train your canines, but Heidi taught my husband and I that it is really we who are being trained. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely dedicated to her profession, and always dependable.
    Ronni and Richard Fallows
    DDS, Santa Fe Residents
  • Wendy and Robert Dick
    Ms. Heidi Kingsbury has been working with my husband and I for the last 11 years with our Chinese Shar-pei and our English Bulldogs. She is one of the most educated dog trainers I have ever met. I have shown dogs for years and consider myself an expert on my breeds. However, we live in a multi-dog household and if an issue presents itself Ms. Kingsbury is whom we call on. She has helped us more than even a veterinarian who states that he specializes in behaviorism. What we love most about Ms. Kingsbury is that she is very hands on. She has always gone the extra mile to help us with our beloved canines.
    Wendy and Robert Dick
    Tesuque Residents
  • Patricia Lehberger
    My husband and I helped manage a resort in Tesuque, NM called “Encantado Resort.” We referred to Ms. Heidi Kingsbury as our, “In Resort Trainer”. We have three dogs and they are like our children. We have utilized Heidi’s services for specific behavioral problems, individual sessions, and have taken our dogs to many of her group classes. We have the highest regard for her and her knowledge of canines. She is always studying and keeping up-to-date in positive dog training methods and passing this on to her clients. She is what I would define as a real Dog Whisperer.
    Patricia Lehberger
    Element 52, Auberge Resort
  • Laraine Ferguson
    Having just gotten my first dog and being relatively new to Santa Fe I felt overwhelmed. Luckily I found Heidi Kingsbury. She came over to my house the very next day after I called her and she helped me on the path to being a “good” dog owner.  Whether it is house breaking questions, crate training, equipment and supplies, riding in the car ideas, Heidi has helped me thru all of it. Our weekly training sessions have taught me and Zuzu so much.  Heidi is a knowledgeable, experienced and patient trainer whom I’m happy to recommend.
    Laraine Ferguson
    UCSF Medical Center
  • Jen G
    I would like to express my gratitude for all that Heidi does for our dogs, clients and the community in Santa Fe. I know it can be a thankless calling at times, but you make a difference and should be commended
    Jen G