“Having just gotten my first dog and being relatively new to Santa Fe I felt overwhelmed. Luckily I found Heidi Kingsbury. She came over to my house the very next day after I called her and she helped me on the path to being a “good” dog owner.  Whether it is house breaking questions, crate training, equipment and supplies, riding in the car ideas, Heidi has helped me thru all of it. Our weekly training sessions have taught me and Zuzu so much.  Heidi is a knowledgeable, experienced and patient trainer whom I’m happy to recommend.”

Laraine Ferguson
Retired Health Care Manager
UCSF Medical Center

“My husband and I helped manage a resort in Tesuque, NM called “Encantado Resort.” We referred to Ms. Heidi Kingsbury as our, “In Resort Trainer”. We have three dogs and they are like our children. We have utilized Heidi’s services for specific behavioral problems, individual sessions, and have taken our dogs to many of her group classes. We have the highest regard for her and her knowledge of canines. She is always studying and keeping up-to-date in positive dog training methods and passing this on to her clients. She is what I would define as a real Dog Whisperer.”

Patricia Lehberger, General Manager of Element 52, Auberge Resort,?Telluride CO

“I worked with Ms. Heidi Kingsbury on a film I directed in Santa Fe. She is an amazing dog wrangler. She was always punctual, and professional. Watching her work with the animal actor on the set was awe-inspiring. She could get a dog to drive a car if the script required it! She practically did… She was a joy to have on our set.”

Matt Vest,? Film Writer, director, producer

“Ms. Heidi Kingsbury has been working with my husband and I for the last 11 years with our Chinese Shar-pei and our English Bulldogs. She is one of the most educated dog trainers I have ever met. I have shown dogs for years and consider myself an expert on my breeds. However, we live in a multi-dog household and if an issue presents itself Ms. Kingsbury is whom we call on. She has helped us more than even a veterinarian who states that he specializes in behaviorism. What we love most about Ms. Kingsbury is that she is very hands on. She has always gone the extra mile to help us with our beloved canines.”

Wendy and Robert Dick,?Tesuque Residents

“Heidi has been training us to train our Poodles since 1999. I always used to think that you hired a trainer in order to train your canines, but Heidi taught my husband and I that it is really we who are being trained. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely dedicated to her profession, and always dependable.”

Ronni and Richard Fallows, DDS, Santa Fe Residents

“I would like to express my gratitude for all that Heidi does for our dogs, clients and the community in Santa Fe. I know it can be a thankless calling at times, but you make a difference and should be commended”

Jen G